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I was diagnosed with a nickel allergy in 2016 and decided it was time to try to cut nickel from my life.  This was very hard to do and took me six months to train to live with my new life.  The death of chocolate was the hardest thing for me to do.  Anyone with a nickel allergy, which is very common, knows what I and many like me are going through.

It is more than just getting a rash from wearing jewellry, it actually affects the inside of the body also and has been known to be the cause of harsh medical conditions.

Nickel is a silvery-white metal found in nature.  It comes from soil, water, air and from the biosphere.  When it is mixed with other metals to make an alloy, this makes the metal harder than without it.  For instance stainless steel is a strong metal.  It is also found in gold and mixed with many other metals

Most types of jewellry contains nickel to some percentage.  Niobium is 99.99% pure and there is also Titanium Grade 1 which is 99.67% pure.

Nickel allergy can be a chronic and recurring skin problem, which can develop at any age and once developed tends to be life-long.  Some people develop dermatitis which is mainly on the hand but can spread to other parts of the body.  Some people develop eczema which may be due to contact with nickel plated items such as pans and coins.  I have a case of both the dermatitis and the eczema, which is on both hands and a patch on my face.  On a rare occasion some folk get 'baboon syndrome' and yes when you think of a baboons bottom a distinct picture is brought to mind.  In people this involves the area of the bottom, anogenital area, flexures and eyelids.

Nickel can be found in food and varies from place to place depending on the nickel content in the soil.  Plant food tissue contains more nickel than dairy or meat produce.  Weeds contain nickel, it is highly concentrated in nettles that inject you with it's little needles during the sting.  That is how I found my allergy as I developed a rash from being stung and all the aromatherapy products I used only made it worse.  I now have cream from the doctor.


Certain foods are routinely high in nickel content and sometimes this depends on how they are produced, for instance chocolate picks up the nickel from the source of the manufacturer.  Food in cans or silver foil pick up the nickel from how it is stored.  Some juice cartons are lined in silver tone.


Foods with high nickel content {though this list is not complete.}

Whole wheat such as found in digestive biscuits, whole grain, rye, oat, millet, buckwheat, chocolate, teas, gelatin, baking powder, soy products, red kidney beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, soya beans, chickpeas, dried fruits, strong licorice.

Foods with a considerable amount of nickel

Fish, such as  mackerel, tuna, herring, some shellfish, sunflower seeds - this will include sunflower oils, linseeds, hazelnuts, marzipan, walnuts, tomatoes, onion, raw carrots.  Margarine has nickel added to it during processing the soft oils to form a spreadable mass for sandwiches and baking.   During the processing of foods nickel is added and also it is found in some food preservatives.  Beers, { if you have to drink then use the bottles } and red wine

It may well be good for you to think about this following list when following a nickel free diet.  I have some recipes I have tried baking myself which can be found here.

1 Try to avoid all foods that are high in nickel content and try to stick to foods that are low in nickel content.

2 Try to avoid all drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee and pop or juice with preservatives.  Limit yourself to 2 cups of tea a day.

3 Meat, poultry, eggs, butter, milk, and most full fat natural dairy products can be eaten.  Use beef dripping, lard, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to cook with.  Make gravy with bone stock and I found I am ok flavouring it with Bovril from the jar then thickened with corn starch from the kernels, not the maize, or rice flour.

4 Food from rice, refined wheat or corn can be allowed.  I enjoy a rice pudding and make my own bread!

5 Vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, sprouts and cucumber are fine, but avoid onions, tomatoes and garlic.  It is advisable to eat leafy veg sparingly.

6  Fruits such as bananas and the berries are ok, but apples and citrus fruits should be used sparingly.  Avoid the dried fruits, I sometimes make juice out of berries to add to the filtered water.

7 First thing in the morning run the cold tap for at least 10 seconds to get rid of the build up of metals and other such things during the night.  Filter your water and or boil it before drinking it.  Spring water can be used in moderation.

8 Try not to allow items such as bra fasteners, zippers, snaps, metal buttons or metal fasteners next to your skin.  Try not to hold on to some coins, utensils, pens, clips, tools, keys etc for too long.  There is nickel used so much in our lives that it is unavoidable.  The trick it to try to knowingly reduce it where you can.  I used to sew a lot and have wrote to companies asking them to produce a sewing needle that is nickel free.  Up to now none have produced any.  That has led me to 'sewing' with a crochet hook encased in a plastic outer pen shell.  You can find my endeavours here that are still on going projects.

If you follow aromatherapy please look into plant bases as many will contain nickel and won't help you.  I find that I can use the rose oil.

Coloured nail polish is on the list of not to use, however the clear nail polish is ok.  What I did once was to put a clear base on my nails and then using a sharpy felt pen I coloured in the nail,  try to keep the pen on the nail rather than touching the skin around the nail.

Don't be frightened to tell the professionals you are nickel allergic.  Some will sneer at you, don't take this to heart, realise instead that the person is showing a lack of education and or ignorance.

It has in rare cases been found that nickel allergy can lead to breathing complications and cancers.  It isn't possible to avoid life, the trick is to adapt and change what you can.



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