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The frame













I was going to a wedding and decided I would like to sew my own applique, but knew it would have to be done without a sewing needle.  Youtube show the tambour hook and also the aari style of sewing that uses a special hook.

I found the hooks hard to use as I am unable to hold my hand straight to the materiel.  I took a little time to practice with a crochet hook.  Due to the smaller size hooks being metal I tried covering it in tape, though this made it uncomfortable.  I then put the hook inside a clear plastic pen casing and this felt much better.  I use the size 0.6 and 1.00 depending on the thickness of the thread.


The Frame

My next problem was constructing a frame to work the stitches as I needed one hand on top working the crochet hook and one hand below, that worked the thread for the crochet hook to pick up.  I have the thread underneath the work so can't see how it is being picked up by the crochet hook.  The top of the work I can see as a chain stitch, though different types of stitches can be worked and beads or sequins can be added.

1. I added shelving to an old table and held it on with clamps

2. I cut out four straight pieces of wood and attached thick, strong materiel to it by wood staples

3. I sewed the materiel to be worked on to the strong materiel on the wood

4. Two sides sewn down

5. All four sides sewn down and clamped in the corners

6. The materiel to be worked is pulled tight with the wood and clamped again to hold it taut.  The frame sits on top of the shelves on the old table with room underneath for my hand to work.


The Design

I drew a rough sketch of the design I wanted to make.  I wanted it large so that it would be eye-catching.  This is the design I decided upon

So it was traced on to the materiel and the picture kept to remind me what colours went where.  I used the Coats cotton thread as it didn't tangle as bad as the Guttermman.

I also made the jacket the applique was attached to and it was very dramatic.





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