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Creating a work of art is stimulating and very rewarding.  To start with nothing and then make plans and put your ideas into action brings out a side of you that makes you feel wonderful.  The best thing about art is that it is individual and there is no 'wrong' art.  

Anything can be used to create your design or sculpture, it is up to you and the satisfaction of the finished piece is fantastic for the morale.

Here are a few things I have created this past year



Giving hand made cards with beautiful verses inside bring joy to the people who receive them and treasured memories also.

Card making can be just a piece of card folded in half with a design painted, stuck or glued on.  Or it can be a wonderful surprise.

Here is a couple of cards I have made recently for special people in my life.



For a while now my electric built in oven has been playing up.  I'd no sooner turn it on then it would go off.  Generally a good punch, or hit does the trick and it comes back on.  Mind you the temperature has been a little off!

I turned on the oven to make a crumble and cook some chicken when it went off.  This time no amount of hits, thumps, swearing or a hefty kick brought it back.  And yes, I did check the fuse and the power source.  My oven had decided it was to be no more.  After 21 years of service I think it did very well.

FREAK OUT TIME.  What was I going to do without my oven?

I have other electrical appliances that will do until I get another.  I then had a good idea to keep my mind off things.  The door had a glass panel to allow me to see the food as it was cooking or burning, so why not keep that as a counter top?

Mine was secured by a couple of screws, so I removed them and took out the glass.  I have some glass paint and so I decided to paint a design on so I knew where abouts it was on the bench for silly accidents.  I also added plastic stoppers so it will be little above the bench top for when I spill something - which I will.  Of course I can't seal the paint until I get a big oven again.  That will also give me a chance to change the design when I get sick of it.




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