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Have you ever wanted to find a really nice patterned fabric, but there just isn't anything you fancy?  Have you thought of painting on fabric and doing your own design?  On the following designs I made a fairy dress out of paint and sequins.  The paint was fabric paint and glitter also.  The second is a shorter length boned corset top I made that I attached appliques to the front.  On the third I painted a design and added extras around it.  I also put glitter on the bust.



Anything is possible once you set your mind to it.  I recently ordered some stencils and a few blank sheets to make my own stencils.  With this I have fabric that has been washed and I am going to paint my own design on it and then sew an outfit.

Fabric Paint can work out expensive and you don't get a lot.  If putting a pattern on all the fabric you would need quite a lot.  What I am doing is using my acrylic paint and I have now bought an acrylic medium, which I will then put them together to make a fabric paint.  If you paint acrylic straight on to fabric it tends to go hard.  I have seen lots on the internet about making the fabric paint using the shaving gel and glue, or washing up liquid and water, however the tests I did with it, I found the fabric was fairly hard and I want the fabric to remain soft.  Don't forget to wash the fabric that you intend to paint on for a lasting finish.

Here is my fourth attempt and as you can see the colours leached into the materiel



Over the years I had lost pieces of equipment I used to design my own outfits.  I decided it was time I made my own essentials.  I got a length of wood and made a square ruler.  From the same wood I made a yard rule and out of MDF I made an armhole curved piece.  On each of them I added little wood tack handles so I had something to grip when using the tools as my hands are getting clumbsy now.  Don't be afraid to experiment and that way you are able to make items to suit you and your own abilities.



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