Items For Sale

Pieces are under construction and I shall add them as they are made.  All items will be sent out by 'signed for' delivery as the Royal Mail aren't as great a service as they used to be.  That will be included in the fair postage and packing price.  PayPal will be the means of payment and if you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry, they accept credit and debit cards.  Please make sure the email you use with Paypal is a one you do use as I shall contact you through it.


Niobium is a shiny, grey soft metal used in jewellery making.  It is hypoallergenic as it doesn't contain nickel.  It does come in different colours which is achieved by it being anodized, however this colour can be scratched off.  The niobium that I am using is 99.99% pure.


Titanium is a dull grey colour, it is strong and yet lightweight and also hypoallergenic.  The Titanium I am using is 99.67% pure.

I am not a professional jeweller and the items I make will have slight flaws in them during the design, however this also makes them unique.  For this reason all the pieces are one off and sold as seen.  The price includes postage and package, the item will be sent as signed for.


These earrings are made from Titanium on the bottom hoops.  The outer hoop is 6cm round and the inner hoop is 3.5cm round.

The post is made from Niobium and is 3.5cm long.  














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