What do you do when you like to wear a bit of sparkle to brighten up your day with a nickel allergy?  You have to go alternate.   

Nickel is put into so much and that is bad news for us.  However, we don't have to be bling free or left feeling dowdy.  We too can have beautiful shiny colours that make us happy.  I like to wear my jewellery as it lifts my spirits and when the sun catches the earrings or bracelet or ring they shine bright and wonderful.

I have found the following suggestions, though you may well find others work for you.

Plastic backed earrings


Niobium 99.9% pure

Titanium 99.67% pure.

I have put clear nail polish on some of my bits of jewellery where it touches my skin that I find I'm allergic to.  As you well know, if any irritation or redness occurs stop using it immediately.

I made this crystal choker recently using plastic string to keep the crystals together.  I fastened it with ribbon at the back.  I made it to wear with the applique and jacket and it went together well.  I also made the earrings at the same time.  I wore them for many hours during that day and suffered no reaction and I felt special.

I am creating a range of jewellery for sale and they will be unique, one off, designer pieces.  I will add them as they are created, so keep looking.





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