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When you prepare you own meals you know exactly what is going in to them and how fresh the items are.  There is less risk of cross contamination or dirty work surfaces.  If the family help to cook also then there is the love added to the meal as well as caring and sharing.  It can be stimulating when working out what you are going to eat and satisfying when you sit down to eat it.  Playing around with your recipe can be interesting also.

Once you start a full nickel free way of eating then most of the store bought items don't find their way in to your shopping bags any more.  It is going back to the old way of eating, and really that isn't a bad thing when you think of the horrors our bodies go through with what is purposely added to either the food or the packaging that is killing us.  Nipping in to a shop to buy something made or just to heat up is so easy though.

It is also hard if you have grown up used to certain types of food.  On top of which the food won't taste the same and sometimes it is a case of getting used to it.  The down side of course is I find when I go back to eating something 'prepared' I get the bum rush, cruel but true.

So I have been experimenting with recipes, altering them to include my allowances and taking out what I can't have.  Sometimes it was just substituting the ordinary flour with the nickel free flour and that was all that was needed.  I found by doing this, that it gave me a better choice and I feel like I am eating the food I used to like.  From the other side of the coin I have lost a lot of weight, though thankfully I am steady now and not at all skinny, as I worried about.  I believe a person should have a bit 'meat' on their bones!   



Gone went the usual metal pans and not using tin foil either.  I started to collect the ovenproof glass wear.  Ceramic pots and cookware.  Cast iron cookware and I have seen copper, but that is not my choice.  The utensils are all plastic or wood.  My knives, forks and spoons are either plastic or wood.  I have a wonderful marble board and heavy marble rolling pin to crush the likes of granular sugar to make caster sugar and icing sugar.  I do these by hand as most processors or juicers are stainless steel blades.  I use the wooden rolling pin to do the baking rolling out as I found I squashed the mix too much and made a flattened mess!

Please feel free to try the recipes and adapt them to suit yourself.  I am not a chef, so don't expect perfection.

Rich Milk Loaf

Banana loaf

Coconut Crisps

Meat Burgers

No Bake Cheese Cake

Rice Pudding

Lemon Curd

Condensed Milk


Welsh Griddle Cake

Baking Soda

Moist Scones


















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