Therapeutic Sewing


Sewing can be calming and relaxing once you get the hang of it.  This could be with the use of a sewing machine or by hand.  To make something that has taken time, patience and work gives us something to accomplish and be proud of.  We usually start off small and work our way up.  Our needs are met in having a finished article as we want it, in the design we like and more often finished in a way that makes it unique and it fits!

With each new task our confidence grows and a great sense of satisfaction is achieved.  The hurdles we had to jump over in completing the task, gives us a sense of using our capabilities, learning and improving which helps build self esteem.

Sewing clothes for yourself makes us aware of our bodies.  Instead of hiding it away in a baggy shirt and trousers we are having to explore what shape we are.  Sometimes going to the shops for clothes can be a headache and a chore.  Clothes that don't fit where they should.  Sometimes having to change in a large area with others when we would rather not.  Makes the experience unsatisfying.  When we make clothes for ourselves we are learning to accept our shape and how to accentuate it.  This is good for our self judgment.

When you sew for others you are passing on a treasured item created through love.  You enjoy doing for them and they enjoy being able to show others how they are special.  Sewing requires concentration, multi-tasking, creativity and is a great way to keep your mind occupied.





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